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    2.5 LBS Weighted Stuffed Animal For Anxiety

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    Do you feel stressed?

    Are you struggling from Anxiety?

    Can't you sleep well?

    Need a friend to hug when feeling lonely?

    The weighted stuffed animal is the best choose for you

    1- Hug Your Weighted Stuffed Animal to Less Anxiety & Better Sleep

    Our therapeutic plushy collection uses deep pressure stimulation similar to weighted blankets, to reduce anxiety and relieve stress.

    Something as simple as a hug with your new plushy can help your body calm down and feel less overwhelmed. We offer weighted plushies 2.5LBS.

    2- Improve your Mental Health & Wellbeing!

    The Deep pressure stimulation has been proven to help you get better sleep, increase levels of focus: soothe and relieve anxiety, boost mood, and air in regulation mode.


    3- The perfect Gift for a Loved One!

    A Weighted Stuffed Animal is a great gift for children, family members, and anyone who struggles with anxiety and sleep.

    4-  What is the difference between Weights?

    1.36 LBS: is a normal plush designed for children to play and to stay by all the time, and for people who likes the trend without suffering from any anxiety.

    (Available in the home-page Weighted Stuffed Collection)

    2.5 LBS: is designed for adults and Children who suffer for anxiety and stress, and need something to help them relief their anxiety.

    It can be hugged and used as a pillow and take around to anywhere.

    6.4 LBS:  is an ideal weight for anyone suffer from deep anxiety and passing hard times, they need something heavy to help them feel comfortable while hugging them or staying beside them.

    (Available in the home-page Weighted Stuffed Collection)